Dead ball kicking


1/ The basic technique:

Without taking any steps place the ball at your kicking foot;

With your kicking foot in a position next to the ball, like you are going to kick it (this will help understand which part of the foot will kick the ball);

Your non-kicking foot will be on the floor at the side of the ball, pointing towards your target; and

Pull your foot back and then kick forward driving your foot through the ball.

2/ Improving on the basics - part 1:

As 1/ but now take a step back with the kicking foot only (leave the non-kicking foot next to the ball); and

Then swing your kicking foot through to kick the ball.

3/ Improving on the basics - part 2:

As 1/ but now take a 2 steps back: 1 with the kicking foot and 1 with the non-kicking foot; and

Then take one step up with the non-kicking foot next to the ball and then swing the other foot through to kick the ball.

4/ Improving on the basics - part 3:

As 3/ but this time taking 4 steps.

5/ Balance:

Remember balance will be important and for this you will need to swing the arm opposite to the foot that is kicking the ball (Please master the basics first, as balance is sometimes difficult to first master).

Imagery Script/Coaching

As a coach, you can teach the basics of kicking a dead ball, using the above steps. Then perhaps get your Students to write down the pattern in which they are to kick the dead ball (this is their ‘imagery script’). Then, once written you could get them to demonstrate their technique in line with their script. This is a good bench mark for you and the keeper as you can see what they think is the right technique and then you can improve on each part of it as needs be, whether that be the number of steps to run up (2, 4 or 6), speed of run up, balance, part of the foot to kick with, follow through, looking at the ball etc...

Don't be scared of going back to basics with the Goalkeepers (that includes new staters and those more experienced keepers having a few difficulties). That you could get them to kick/chip the ball from a standing start (no steps) with foot in position next to the ball ready to chip the ball. This can help focus on the right part of the foot to kick with. When they have kicked the ball like this a few times and gaining confidence, then get them to take 2 steps back... then 4 (even number of steps). However if they do then have trouble at 4 or 2 steps take it back to no steps to gain their confidence.

Perfecting Dead Balls is about practice, routine... and a lot of patience. If at first they don't succeed... Eventually they will!

Useful Coaching Exercises

To aid them with getting height with the ball and encourage them to get their foot under the ball, you may wish to put an obstacle in the way to challenge them to kick the ball over the object;

One from the Soccer AM archives... you could do the 'Cross-Bar Challenge', to encourage height, distance and accuracy - Give them the cross-bar to aim from varying (appropriate) distances (penalty spot, 18 yard box, half way line); and

For game scenario accuracy, kicking the dead ball to a target area - Set out a box with marker cones on different parts of the field at appropriate long/short distances to the left/center/right of the field. place a coach/keeper/player in that box to collect the ball with hands/feet. If using another keeper they could work together kicking the ball to each other in boxes/target areas whilst you as a coach look on/or assist.
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